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10 Precision Road,
Danbury, CT 06810 USA
T +1-203-792-6700
F +1-203-790-8645

Doing Business since 1950

Jovil Universal LLC is a Company located in Danbury, CT USA, just north of Manhattan by 50 miles. We here at Jovil Universal design and manufacture equipment for the production of Toroidal type coils and transformers.

What makes us unique in this field? The company has been operating since 1950 making us the most experienced in what we do. Two leaders in the industry, Jovil and Universal, merged together 15 years ago and formed the greatest pool of knowledge and expertise in this industry.


FULL CNC manufacturing facility

Jovil Universal works on a very vertically integrated structure. All research, design, manufacture and test is done in our USA factory. Utilizing our CNC Manufacturing and Fabricating Facility we are in full control of our deliveries to our customers.

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Present combined engineering and technical service of over 82 years

Trained Sales personal are located in various countries around the world. Most importantly, and second to none, is our after sales service and support. We take pride in our ability to ship same day. You can have your part in one to three days no matter how far your location.

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Over 25,000 machines sold to date

Unlike others, the materials we use to manufacture our components are always of top quality. Engineered metals and plastics, from the USA with precise specifications, are used without deviation.

If you’re looking for a production machine that you can rely on for the next 20 years then you can count on Jovil Universal LLC.